2021 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar: House rules for game

With most Christmas celebrations now over, I have time to revisit the game that came with this year’s advent calendar. It is rather simple and may not keep kids interested for long. But you can maybe enhance its life by creating additional house rules that apply. Here are some ideas for inspiration…

House rules can add some fun to games, but shouldn’t make it unbalanced. I should also add that any house rules introduced should be agreed on between the playing parties ahead of the game.

Extra rule 1:

If you land next to the birthday cake, skip your next turn as you will rather eat some cake (especially, this applies to Dudley) than continuing your journey.

Mmmmh, cake. I better take a break…

Extra rule 2:

Start the game with the entrance to Diagon Alley closed. Put one (or both) of the keys (that came with Griphook) on the game board. If anyone lands on the key, the entrance opens and will remain open. Till then, no-one can pass the entrance (but can move up to the last space before it).

Ron is stuck in front of the entrance. Luckily he spins a -2 and moves back to the space with the key, which opens the door.

Extra rule 3:

Put the one or both of the chocolate frogs that came in the calendar on spaces on the game board. Anyone who lands there gets new energy and can spin again.

Chocolate – gives you energy to move further…

Extra rule 4:

If you land in front of the Griphook’s desk in Gringotts, you’re in luck. He’ll take you on a mine cart ride three extra spaces (to the last space next to the mine cart on the board).

Extra rule 5:

Put Draco next to one of the spaces on the game board (for example towards the end). If anyone spins a number that will let them land next to Draco, move one space shorter, as you would rather slow down than talk to him.

Uhm, I’m good – I think, I’d rather stay here…

That was only a few rules. I’m sure many other rules can be made. Maybe the characters can have different characteristics? Please share any rules you have thought of and maybe tried in the comments.

I’ve finally got back to write on my other review. If I don’t eat too much in the next few days, it should be available soon!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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