Spoiler alert – 2020 LEGO Harry Potter Advent calendar content revealed

You asked for it…

Here’s parts of a rather detailed press release (attempted translated from German) outlining the six figures and some of the additional minibuilds. It is followed by a photo of the entire content.

  • The LEGO® Harry PotterTM Advent Calender (75981) gives fans a new surprise every day and thus a magical pre-Christmas time. Behind each of the 24 doors a different Harry PotterTM toy or model for building and playing appears.
  • It contains Harry PotterTM, Hermione GrangerTM, Ron WeasleyTM, Padma Patil, Parvati Patil and Cho Chang as minifigures as well as various construction models, for example a miniature version of the Beauxbaton’s Carriage and a dinner table with theh magnificient ice palace as dessert.
  • The closer to Christmas Eve it gets, the more Christmas scenes from the Hogwarts Castle the children can re-create, for example the fantastic Yule Ball.