On this page you can download instructions to some of the smaller Harry Potter themed LEGO models I’ve made. All instructions are created using Bricklink’s Studio 2.0.

At the bottom, I’ve also added instructions to some of LEGO’s own mini-models that have been available at “make and take” events at major retailers.

Chocolate Frog series

These models can be seen below.


London series

Following my completion of my modular building sized Leaky Cauldron model (sorry, no instructions are available for that one), I’ve started making a number of London inspired smaller models accompanying it.


Other models

I have created a model of Dumbledore’s Lectern. Instructions are available here

I have made this model of Sirius Black’s motorcycle. Instructions are available here.

The 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter sets released in mid 2021 introduced 16 collectable wizard card tiles. I have designed a display stand for those, with the instructions being available here.

The 2020 Advent Calendar included three small micro-scale builds from the Goblet of Fire. To display them, I designed this book, where the models pop out in 3D. You can find instructions here.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of this blog (which happens to be on Harry Potter’s birthday), I recreated the birthday cake Hagrid gave to Harry on his 11th Birthday. Instructions are available here.

Birthday cake 3

Official LEGO mini models

Below, I’ve added links to instructions to Harry Potter themed LEGO models that have been made at special “build your own” or “make and take” events at specialist retailers. Designs and instructions are by LEGO or their affiliates and provided here for those who missed out on the events.