The battle of the seven Potters

Today, 22 years ago we had the Battle of the Seven Potters (also known as the Battle Over Little Whinging). On the evening of 27 July 1997, when members of the Order of the Phoenix led by Mad-Eye Moody were to take Harry Potter to safety, they became engaged in an aerial battle over Southern England with a group of Death Eaters led by Lord Voldemort. Here is what happened…

The safety at Privet Drive 4

I was reminded of the date of the battle, when I researched what sets I’d be keen to see coming in 2020 (which I posted about here). This is what I learned.

After the murder of his parents, James and Lily Potter, Professor Dumbledore thought of a plan that would keep Harry safe, should Lord Voldemort return. When Harry was left at the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive, and (though reluctantly) taken into care by his maternal aunt, it sealed powerful blood magic that would protect Harry until his seventeenth birthday.

Dear Petunia Dursley, this may come as a surprise…

So even though the Dursleys hated him (and he hated them), their home had provided him safety since he was picked up from the doorstep. After his return, Lord Voldemort learned of this protection and was eager to make a an end to Harry’s life when the protection lapsed on this 17th birthday. Knowing the risk, the Order of the Phoenix had planned to bring him to safety ahead of this.

A cunning plan

Unfortunately, in order to preserve the trust Lord Voldemort had in him, Profesor Snape was forced to tell him the true date at which the Order planned to move Harry to safety.

To improve the situation, Snape did however place a Confundus Charm on one of the Order members Mundungus Fletcher, who then suggested a plan to have six others disguise themselves as Harry Potter, using the Polyjuice Potion that Harry, Ron and Hermoine knew all to well. These six extra Harrys would act at decoys and help the real Harry to get to safety at the Burrow.

The order accepted the plan, so on the 27th, there were seven Harry Potters, each to be escorted by an Order member to protect them, ready to take off from the front yard of Privet Drive.

Members of the Order of the Phoenix assembles

And what a collection of wizards, witches and means of transportation. The groups of seven Harrys and protectors were:

  • Harry Potter with Hagrid as protector, flying on Sirius Black’s motorbike.
  • Hermione Granger with Kingsley Shacklebolt as protector, flying on a thestral.
  • Ron Weasley with Nymphadora Tonks as protector, flying on broomstick.
  • George Weasley with Remus Lupin as protector, flying on broomstick.
  • Fred Weasley with Arthur Weasley as protector, flying on broomstick.
  • Fleur Delacour with Bill Weasley as protector, flying on a thestral.
  • Mundungus Fletcher with Alastor Moody as protector, flying on broomstick.

The battle begins

As soon as the Order had taken off, they were attacked by hordes of Death Eaters led by Lord Voldemort himself.

Getting ready for the fight
On the evening 27 July 1997, the Order is ready to take off from Privet Drive 4

There were casualties on both sides (won’t bring any too big spoilers here), but ultimately Harry did make it to safety passing through the magical protections around the home of Ted and Andromeda Tonks, where they met up with the other surviving members of the Order and continued on to the Burrow (in the movie, they all arrived directly at the Burrow).

After this little diversion, I better return to reviewing the 2019 sets that have piled up in my cupboard. And there is a birthday coming up too.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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