Make your own Vernon Dursley

The Dursley family contains some of the most iconic characters in the Harry Potter universe. Without Harry’s horrible time with the Dursleys at 4 Privet Drive, it just wouldn’t be the same. It is therefore a bit surprising that of those, only Vernon Dursley has been released as minifigure, and that was back in 2002 where they were still yellow faced. Here is a flesh coloured version you can make yourself.


Vernon Dursley is Harry Potter’s uncle, being married to Petunia Evans (the only sister of Harry’s mother Lily). He lives for a long time a perfectly normal live with Petunia and eventually their son Dudley at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging. This changes when one morning they find their baby nephew lying at their doorstep along with a letter.  From that time, their lives would be far from normal again. 

Dear Petunia Dursley, this may come as a surprise…

Make your own

I’ve been working on an improved version of my 4 Privet Drive model (which I used in my Battle of the Seven Potters post a while back). For this, I wanted a flesh version of Uncle Vernon to replace the yellow one from the 2002 set Escape from Privet Drive (set 4728). The photo below compares the two versions.

Fig 1
My flesh-coloured version vs the original yellow version from 2002

Here is a list of the parts I’ve used:

  • Hair – same as used in the yellow 2002 version, though in reddish brown instead of earth orange tan. This is one of LEGOs oldest hair pieces with the mould being used first time in 1979. Still works perfectly for Uncle Vernon.
  • Mustache – this piece is perfect for Vernon’s mustache. Is only available in reddish brown and black, the former being my choice but it is somewhat rare.
  • Head – a number of light flesh heads will work here – ideally with reddish brown eyebrows. The one I used was from Gimli from Lord of the Rings (the LEGO Dimensions Pack, so it is rather cheap), having some nice bushy brown eyebrows, I thought worked fine – along with an angry looking face.
  • Torso – for consistency with the old figure, I reused the same torso as the 2002 set, but replaced the yellow hands with light flesh hands.
  • Legs – used normal legs in dark brown to not have everything in reddish brown.

Below the figure with and without the mustache better showing the head piece selected.

Fig 2

With this done – I will continue with my Privet Drive model, while also thinking about how to do Dudley and Petunia Dursley. Check back later on my minifigure page for any updates.

Till then, Build the Magic!

4 Privet Drive
Vernon – and a sneak peak of the 4 Privet Drive model I’m working on