Over the last year, I have occasionally posted memes under the “Monday Memes” banner. Here is the collection of the memes made by Blockwarts along with some of the background stories behind them.

Distracted boyfriend meme

This is based on a classic internet meme adding both Lego and Harry Potter to the mix. The so-called “distracted boyfriend” meme was crowned 2018 Meme of the Year at the Shorty Awards. It shows a boyfriend being distracted by a passing girl. His girlfriend is not happy! Adding text above the three characters to create a story is what really makes this meme so effective.

Here is an example of the original with LEGO themed text.

Me Bank account Lego Juliacks Architecture of an Atom

There is an awesome brick build version by Ochre Jelly as shown below. It is amazing how well the expressions of the characters have been captured.

LEGO Distracted Boyfriend Meme

Below is my Harry Potter themed version. I decided to use Ron as the boyfriend, Hermione as the girlfriend and Fleur Delacour as the “distraction”. It took a while to find suitable heads with the right expressions, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The photo was taken in the Hogsmeade section of my Harry Potter display.

Feel free to use the blank photo below for your own memes.

I have made a couple of memes from it myself. The first one related at all the rumours about the 2020 sets that were around at the time.

The second jokes about the time I spend making memes like this, when I had heaps of unfinished reviews to complete. Guess I got distracted…

Bad Monday meme

Mondays are rarely good and thus this meme pretty much sums it up… The photo is from my model of Delores Umbridge’s office. The idea came from a meme that used a photo from the actual movies.

Here is another version for use where a wider landscape format is preferred.

COVID-19 meme

I made this slight variation of the meme above – as COVID-19 introduced restrictions on pretty much anything fun (apart from building LEGO). As such it resembles another meme that was introduced around the same time, though made independently from that.

Just the essentials meme

With COVID-19 spreading across the world, panic buying became a thing, with many shopping up essentials (and toilet paper).

Someone (don’t know who to credit) made a funny meme of a man who had grabbed a huge LEGO Star Was set and with a offended look justifies it as being a “hard to find essential”. I simply made a Harry Potter version of it.

Schools are closed meme

A series of photos can be great to tell a story. Still related to COVID-19, I saw such a series where Dobby told Harry he couldn’t attend Hogwarts this year, and when Harry complained Dobby responded it was to save Harry Potter and that he could use Zoom instead (from memory – unfortunately I didn’t save the original). Anyway, with that vague memory, I created a photo series using my 4 Privet Drive MOC to tell that story.

Getting the illusion of darkness made it challenging to get good photos, but overall I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

Lockhart’s solution

Gifted with an incredible intelligence and modesty, Professor Lockhart has a solution to everything, also COVID-19.

Snape’s Dolly Parton meme

In early 2020, Dolly Parton started a wave of memes by showing a series of photos of her labelled with different social/professional media platforms. The idea was taken up by a number of celebrities and these photo series quickly became known as Dolly Parton memes.

The meme pokes fun at how people represent themselves differently on the various platforms. On LinkedIn, they’re professional; on Facebook, they’re more family friendly; on Instagram, they’re more artsy; and on Tinder, the dating app, they’re more posing up for attention.

So I made a version of Professor Snape – with a twist

The rubber duck meme

Many would have been sitting at exams and looked at questions like this and said “how can you realistically explain this?”

What I can afford!

Most readers want all the new Harry Potter sets. There are many memes with a photo of “What I really want” and then a photo of “What I can afford”. With the new Hogwarts Crest wall arts sets, I created a set of those memes…