Privacy policy

LEGO and Harry Potter should be all about joy. But we are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure you will have a safe experience and to help you manage your privacy when visiting this site.

Information collected and how it is used

Most users of the blog leaves no information. Only if you choose to use some of the interactive features of Blockwarts, you will be asked for information like your name and your email address. The features requiring this type of information are:

  • Signing up for email notifications when new posts are available
  • Leaving comments to posts
  • Contact form submissions

The information collected it restricted to what is required for the features to work (email address is needed to send email notifications) and while you are asked for a name when posting comments, the user if free to type any name and we would encourage that you don’t write a name or anything in the comments that can identify you. Note that comments are moderated when posted and inappropriate comments or user names will not be accepted.

It should be emphasised that Blockwarts will never pass on the information collected to third parties!

Finally, WordPress also provides anonymised summary statistics about the traffic to the blog, that helps me track the interest in content, the number of unique visitors, their nationality, and what that brought them to the blog (usually either a Facebook post or search engine). This gives me a good indication how well Blockwarts is doing, what posts are popular where, etc.

I do not use Google Analytics, which gives the blogger much more information, but also relies on third party cookies to do so (see later section on cookies).

Storing the information

Your user data is generally stored by a third party, WordPress, where Blockwarts is hosted. From there, I access it online. The only information that Blockwarts receive locally, is email notifications when new comments are made to posts or from the use of the contact form. Note that any emails are also stored by Google (as based on Gmail).

I use unique passwords for both WordPress and my email account, and two factor authorisation for my email as extra security.

Managing your user data

The European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that websites allows their users to request information about what data that is collected, gives users the right to request a copy of the stored information and the eventual removal of this information form the website. Such data include email for signing up for notifications or comments submitted to the posts. Any such requests should use the contact form.


Blockwarts use cookies when essential for the functioning of the website (to allow clicking the “follow” button on a post, for example). Their use and how to manage them are explained in WordPress’ cookie policy.

Blockwarts has recently added a few affiliate links to various regions at, which through third-party cookies can track for any purchases which website that referred to customer and provide a minor percentage in commission. These cookies are managed by LEGO’s advertising partners (Rakuten and Webgain). Blockwarts has no control of or access to these cookies.