Instructions for Wizard Card Display Stand

The 2021 mid-year wave of LEGO Harry Potter sets introduced a new collectable item – 2×2 tiles with famous wizards and witches printed on them, representing the wizard cards you get when buying the magical chocolate frogs for example from the trolley lady in the Hogwarts Express. I posted about the display stand I designed for them a few weeks ago, and have since had multiple requests for instructions. So here they are…

The Display Stand

There are 16 wizard cards to collect in total, all printed on dark purple tiles. The different ones are shown below based on the collector sheets at the back of the instructions, though this figure has the correct graphics for Rowena Ravenclaw, unlike the actual printed instructions.

Rather than have them loose in a bag, or simply sitting on a plate (a 8×8 plate will hold all 16 cards nicely), I wanted a rather compact, yet impressive display stand – with the key focus on matching the colours of the wizard card tiles, i.e. using predominantly dark purple, gold and black.

Here is what I came up with.


Those who want to build their own copy can get the instructions and part list here. It is designed so it is easy to expand if more wizard cards are released in the future, with possible expansions both in height or in length.

Should there be any additional tiles announced, I’ll update the instructions accordingly.

While waiting for the remaining 2021 LEGO Harry Potter sets to arrive, I’ve also made instructions for one of my other previous builds – the Goblet of Fire brick built book. You can find them on the Instructions page.

I have a few other posts planned to fill the gap till the remaining sets arrive, and I can start reviewing them. And I am also busy preparing for a major Harry Potter themed display – details hopefully to come soon.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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