REVIEW: Professors of Hogwarts

It has been a while since my last post, but now I’m back with a series of reviews. First up is the 2022 Brickheadz set, which gives us four new characters from the Harry Potter universe to add to our collections. Here is what you get…

Set 40560: Professors of Hogwarts

Price: US$39.99, €39.99, £39.99, AU$69.99

The big-headed Funko-pop style figures are extremely popular among pop-culture collectors and since 2016, LEGO has been tapping into that market with its Brickheadz figures. In 2018 we got three sets with characters from the Harry Potter universe, but nothing in 2019 – as LEGO felt a downturn having literally flooded the market in the previous years. In 2020 the figures luckily returned and we got the Hagrid and Buckbeak Brickheadz set (gift-with-purchase) and in 2021 we got another two sets, one with Hagrid, Harry, Ron and Hermione, and another set with Voldemort, Bellatrix and Nagini.

The previous sets focused mainly on students, though the sets have also given us both Professor Dumbledore and Hagrid – two of the teachers at Hogwarts.

This 2022 set adds four more professors to the collection, giving us:

  • Professor Snape in a black cloak
  • Professor McGonagall in one of her green dresses, black witch’s hat and golden feathers
  • Professor Moody has his coat and the iconic eye
  • Professor Trelawney has a sand green dress and a colourful headband.

Overall, these figures are a great addition to the range.

Above you got a sneak peak of the completed product – a good looking quartet. But let us get back to the beginning again, taking a look at the box for a start.

Box and content

The box is quite substantial in size for a Brickheadz set, which is not surprisingly, as you get four full sized figures. The front shows the four professors with a banner at the bottom listing their names (luckily the figures are well enough made so names are not necessary) and their collector ID numbers, with Trelawney having number 173. Those collecting all of the Brickheadz figures must have a lot of shelf space!

The back is surprisingly similar, showing almost the same – with the figures approximately from the same angle and same size. The only differences are the figures standing on black display stands in this case, and that a small insert to the right shows how to place the figures on those stands. But I guess there is not really a lot else to show.

Inside the box we find four instruction booklets and eight numbered bags with parts. There are two bags for each number 1 to 4, basically two bags per instruction book.

With four instruction booklets, having this set allows up to four family members (or Friends) to share the build experience at the same time. LEGO is increasingly enabling shared building experiences in their new releases.

With that covered, let’s get building…

The build

First up is Professor Severus Snape. The potion teacher is wearing his characteristic black cloak and purple shirt underneath. As usual, there is nothing super fancy about the build – though as always it has a lot of SNOT (stud not on top) techniques used for the head/hair. The photos below show the progress during the build process.

As seen, the shirt is a printed piece. This is one of the things I really like about this theme, it generally uses printed parts rather than stickers.

Let’s have a look at the completed model from different angles. As we shall see, each model has a wand in one hand and in the other hand another item characteristic for the person it represents. For Snape, this is a bottle with a purple potion.

Overall a good start.

The next figure in the pack is Minerva McGonagall. The head of the Gryffindor house is wearing a green dress (printed tiles are used to add its pattern) and her black wizard hat. A gold ring is representing the pendant for her necklace.

All the other figures come with brick build hair. McGonagall however has her crooked hat instead. That is attached with a hinge, so it sits on an angle. I really like that.

Here is the completed model. As seen, McGonagall is holding a goblet as her item (she did in a lesson in Harry’s second year turn a bird into a goblet using the Vera Verto transforming spell).

The third figure to build is Alastor “Mad-eye” Moody. The dark arts professor is wearing his characteristic brown coat and his magical blue eye.

An interesting technique was used to create the headband that holds the magical eye as seen on the third photo above. You can also see the pink brick that is included in all Brickheadz figures, representing their brains.

Below is the completed Mad-eye Moody figure seen from different angles. In addition to this wand, he holds his staff.

The last of the four professors is Sybill Trelawney – the divination teacher. Her torso was probably the most simple to build, but her hair was interesting (though it could have been even more voluminous) with the hairband at the front. Her face also used an interesting sideways technique to add the black centre of her glasses (see third photo below).

And here is then the last of the completed Brickheadz figures. She is often portrayed with a crystal ball on photos, but I guess it didn’t work out with the size of the hands. Instead she is holding a tea cup, with is also very appropriate for Trelawney. She might be holding Harry’s cup with tea leaves and is just about to see the grim.

With all the figures now done, for comparison you can below see the four professors with the outfits the figures are meant to represent.

How do I get it?

So where can I get it, you may ask? This set is exclusive to LEGO stores, including LEGO’s online store. Thinking about heading to to preorder/order? Please consider using our affiliate links to go there. It is the same price for you, but Blockwarts get a minor commission as well, which I use to help running this site.


Overall, this sets adds four iconic teachers at Hogwarts to the Harry Potter themed Brickheadz range. While somewhat pricey (you can say that for pretty much all LEGO sets these days) you do get a decent amount of bricks, four good builds and a very nice addition to your Brickheadz collection, should you have one. If you don’t have Brickheadz, this is probably not the set to get started with.

With that, I once again got a complete Harry Potter themed Brickheadz’ collection (not counting the Fantastic Beast one, which I never got around to get). I have reviewed them all and you can find those reviews here. As you can see, I have room for more.

So I do hope they will add more Brickheadz figures in the coming years, for example with students from other Hogwarts houses than Gryffindor, such as Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy or maybe a pack with Lucius Malfoy and Dobby. That would be awesome.

As those who follow me on Facebook will have noticed, I’ve been busy building the 2018 Hogwarts Castle set over the last many days (one bag per day). I’m in the process of writing up a longer review here for the blog, so look out for that.

Till then, Build the Magic!

(Note that this set was kindly provided by LEGO for review. The views expressed here are my own however).

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