REVIEW – Advent calendar 2 December

Yesterday was a good day when it comes to the Harry Potter LEGO advent calendar. We got a minifigure that had a nice connection to Christmas - Harry wearing the sweater he got from Molly Weasley. This will be hard to beat. In yesterday's review, I left Harry standing in the snow. What will happen today? Will he get company, something to eat, a fire to get warm by, or something else? Read on for the review of the 2 December model.

THROWBACK THURSDAY REVIEW: Quality Quidditch Supplies

I've reviewed most of the 2018 and 2019 sets so far on my review page. But there are many awesome sets in the earlier series. This post is my first go at reviewing some of the older Harry Potter sets. As a lot of my own building activity has focused on Diagon Alley shops lately, I've picked one of the early sets depicting one of these: Quality Quidditch Supplies (set 4719) from 2003. So let's get building...