About this blog

Welcome to my blog!

This started as a Facebook page for the Hogwarts castle I was building in LEGO – Blockwarts seemed like a good name. It got well received but I noted there seemed to be just as much interest in general LEGO related Harry Potter information, hence I changed to scope to focus on the intersection of the two topics together (noting there are plenty of blogs covering the topics independently). As part of the transition, I decided to make it a real website blog too.

Blockwarts – first time on display at Brisbane Model Train Show, May 2018

History leading up to this:

  • My Dark age ended just around the time the first era of Harry Potter sets came to an end (around 2010-11).
  • At that time my oldest daughter was very much into Harry Potter and we collected most of the last series sets.
  • In 2013, by expanding on the sets, I built a Hogwarts castle for display at a LEGO Expo. I felt it was big back then – covering about 18 baseplates. It was shown twice (in 2013 and 2014) and then packed away for years.
  • Late 2017 I decided to do a Hogwarts display again. I dusted it off (very much required after years of neglect) and made plans to enlarge it. I got carried away, and realising I couldn’t possible do it all myself, I teamed up with my good friend Russell, and combined we and ended up with a 96 baseplate display! The feedback from visitors when shown was amazing.