REVIEW: Hagrid and Buckbeak Brickheadz

Set 40412

The big-headed Funko-pop style figures are extremely popular among pop-culture collectors and since 2016, LEGO has been tapping into that market with its Brickheadz figures. In 2018 we got three sets with characters from the Harry Potter universe, but after that nothing. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to see a new Harry Potter themed Brickheadz set pop up earlier in the month. I’ve now had the chance to build it. Here are my thoughts…

When LEGO flooded the market with Brickheadz sets in 2018, it included three sets (with a total of five figures) from the Harry Potter universe (in addition to a set from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). In the last year, I have reviewed all three 2018 Brickheadz sets. The reviews can be found here:

The 2018 Brickheadz characteres

Since 2018, we saw no additional Harry Potter themed Brickheadz figures though – at least until early August, when photos of an otherwise unknown Brickheadz sets with Hagrid and Buckbeak appeared on an online toystore (probably by accident). We now know this set was intended as Gift With Purchase (GWP) both on LEGO’s online store and in LEGO’s brand stores (and in some countries LEGO Certified Stores as well) starting 1 September 2020.

Brickheadz sets generally come in three different versions. A single pack, a single with a small companion pack, and a twin pack, which includes two full sized Brickheadz figures. The pack with Hagrid and Buckbeak is one of the latter. Let us have a closer look…

Box and content

I will start with the box and content. The box naturally follows the design theme used for all 2018-2020 Harry Potter sets. The front has the Brickheadz logo is shown at the top next to the LEGO logo itself. Otherwise, the key feature of the front is a photo of Hagrid and Buckbeak as Brickheadz figures, with their names and Brickheadz numbers listed below in a banner of black bricks. The Brickheadz numbers are there as help to keep track of your collection. With these numbered 102 and 103, I realise I am missing a lot of these figures.

The back simply shows the two figures from a different angle – and illustrates that they come with black bases for display. (As seen, my box was slightly damaged from shipment).

The side of the box shows a photo of Rubeus Hagrid in his moleskin overcoat next to his hippogriff Buckbeak.

Opening the box, you find three plastic bags with bricks (two bags numbered 1 and one numbered 2) as well as two small instruction booklets. As normal with Brickheadz figures, there is no stickers – but in this case, apart from the printed eyes, not any other printed parts either, which is somewhat unusual.

The build

The two first bags (both numbered 1) contain the bricks to build Rubeus Hagrid in his moleskin coat.

And as he is wearing his heavy coat, the initial steps are slightly different from both building many traditional Brickheadz figures, including Harry and Hermione. It is still based on a 4×4 centre core, but with a layer of plates/tiles around representing the coat. It works very well.

The head is more traditional, again based around a centre 4×4 core, and with layers added on all four sides and on top. This gives Hagrid his face, beard and bushy hair.

Once added to the centre cube, Hagrid himself is done. He then just need his accessories (his pink umbrella/wand and a lantern) and to be added to his stand, to complete the model.

Here is the completed model. Overall, I think it is a good model. The body with the coat is excellent, includin some nice accessories, but the head is less impressive in my opinion. I would have preferred the hair covering a bit of his forehead, and maybe a slightly more dominant beard. But the figure is clearly recognisable as Hagrid.

Next up is Buckbeak. I had been looking forward to that, as it with its four legs and two wings is quite different from the typical Brickheadz figures. The main difference is in the body, which has little of the typical 4×4 core, more dominant legs, a tail, and wings instead of arms.

The head is more conventional, with its 4×4 cube, though the “layers” in this case not adding face and hair, but rather beak and feathers.

Once the layers have been applied to the cube, you have a pretty good representation of Buckbeak’s head. It is probably a bit more stern looking than often seen in the movies, but maybe he has just been introduced to Draco.

The head is then attached to the body and putting it on its stand, finishing the model. I think it looks awesome, with good use of wedge pieces to give a feathery look (which could have been enhanced by printing, as we saw on the Hedwig Brickheadz figure). But overall, an excellent translation of Buckbeak into a Brickheadz figure!.-

The completed model can be seen below.


Overall, I was very pleased to see a more Harry Potter themed Brickheadz figures released. It is a great choice of characters, and generally well executed. The only real issue I have with this set is Hagrid’s very dominant forehead using that 2×4 tile – I wish the designers had covered the top half with hair, as it was done with Harry, Ron and Hermione. But his coat is well done, as so is his hair otherwise.

For Buckbeak, it would have been nice with a cuter look, but Buckbeak can look stern as well, and it is probably one of the best Brickheadz figures I’ve seen to date.

Finally, I note that this set has no other printed parts than the eyes. Maybe some shirt buttons for Hagrid (similar to the photo on the side of the box) and a few feathery features for Buckbeak could have been added.

But these relatively minor issues aside, it is a nice addition to the Harry Potter Brickheadz collection.

I wonder if we get to see more Harry Potter Brickheadz sets this year? The seven figures now available will soon cry for more. If nothing is on the cards, I may have to start thinking about designer a few myself.

Till then, Build the Magic!

8 thoughts on “REVIEW: Hagrid and Buckbeak Brickheadz

  1. Agree with your comments – attacked the bit box and lowered the forehead a bit – and tweaked the side panels slightly to use another 2 2x door rails and I think it looks a bit better – simply replace the 2×4 tan tile with 1×4 tan and black tiles….


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