REVIEW: Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore Brickheadz

Set 41621

While the 2020 sets have started to hit the shelves in some countries, I still got a few of the 2018 sets I never got around to review back then. I’m still hopeful that we get to see more Brickheadz from the Harry Potter universe if not in 2020, then in 2021. But focusing on what we have got, here is my review of the largest of the three Harry Potter themed Brickheadz sets released back in 2018. And it was a pleasant addition to my collection as you will see…


In recent years, the big-headed Funko-pop style figures have been extremely popular among pop-culture collectors and it is not surprising that LEGO in 2016 started to tap into that market. After a particular huge 2018 (with 44 Brickheadz released for general retail), followed by a very slow 2019 (14 Brickheadz sets), we seem in 2020 to be following the middle ground, with a decent amount of new releases, including some licensed models. Half way through the year, we are yet to see if any new from the Harry Potter universe. But it is still a possibility as discussed here.

This post is a follow up to my two previous reviews, completing the review of the three sets (with a total of five figures) from the Harry Potter universe. The other reviews can be found here:

Brickheadz sets generally come in three different versions. A single pack, a single with a small companion pack, and a twin pack, which includes two full sized Brickheadz figures. The pack with Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore is one of the latter.

I do find that many other Brickheadz twin packs include figures that are more recognisable as a “pair”. Obvious candidates in the Harry Potter universe would have been Harry and Voldemort, Harry and Draco or say Hagrid and Buckbeak. That said, the two figures in this set, while not a natural pair, are great additions to the others in the collection.

And talking about collection, I finally completed my Harry Potter Brickheadz collection earlier in the year, but only just recently did I have time to build this last set with Ron and Dumbledore. A sunny weekend day with a cup of coffee and your favorite LEGO theme – perfect!

Let’s see how it looked when completed.

Box and content

First, I will as usual briefly cover the box and content. It using the misty dark blue background of the 2018-2020 Harry Potter sets with the Brickheadz branding at the top, and Harry Potter logo somewhat less visible in the lower left corner. The key feature is a photo of the Ron and Dumbledore Brickheadz figures, with their names and Brickheadz numbers (to keep track of your collection) listed below in a banner of black bricks.

The back simply shows the two figures from a different angle – and highlights that they come with black bases for display.

The side of the box shows a photo of Ron and Dumbledore in the attires the Brickheadz figures represent.

Opening the box, you find two bags with bricks and two small instruction manuals (as shown in the earlier photo). As with other Brickheadz figures, there are no stickers – the bricks are printed instead. I really like sets with no stickers!

The build

The first bag gives use the bricks to build Ron Weasley. As he is wearing robes, the initial steps are different from both building both Harry and Hermione – somewhat refreshing when you’ve built a few models, though a minor detail overall.

Otherwise, the main point of interest building the body is adding the alternating colours of the striped Gryffindor scarf.

The head is relatively standard, building up with bricks with four studs on the side, subsequently adding detail to all four sides and the top of the head. Compared to say Hermione (whose bushy hair was much more part intensive), this part is rather simple, but it is still satisfying seeing the model progressing to completion.

The completed model of Ron is shown below.

Next up is Dumbledore. This one also has an interesting base, with the whole front being SNOT-based (Stud Not On Top). It gives a nice smooth front to Dumbledore’s dress. The core of the head is the same as usual, but the level of detail added to the sides is a significant step up from building Ron. And interestingly, the long beard is made up of slope bricks upside down to the figure itself.

While the Harry Potter Brickheadz figure had a set of very dominating glasses, Dumbledore’s glasses are much more subtle, simply being eyes printed along with a frame on transparent 1×2 tiles.

Below is the completed model of Dumbledore.


Overall, this is a worthy addition to my collection. Of all five models built, I think Dumbledore has been the most interesting one in terms of techniques, detail and colours (tough I also really liked Hedwig, which was an excellent looking small figure in the series). Ron with is open robes, Gryffindor sweater visible underneath and colourful scarf is a really good model too.

With the completion of this third set, I’ve now reviewed all three of the Harry Potter themed 2018 Brickheadz sets (reviews of the first two sets are available on the Reviews page). And looking beyond this set alone, but looking at all five figures across the three sets as a whole, the collection does look amazing now. The latest addition of Ron and Dumbledore firstly completes the trio, but also adds colour and diversity (height, style) when displayed together. With only Harry, Hermione and Hedwig, everything was a bit dull dominated by all the black, white and grey.

I am curious if we get to see more Harry Potter Brickheadz sets this year (as discussed here). If not, I may try to design a few myself to add to the collection. Voldemort, Dobby and Hagrid would be obvious candidates – both iconic and easy to recognise.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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