Harry Potter Brickheadz to return in 2020?

Already back in mid 2019, it was announced that after a relatively quiet 2019 for Brickheadz, the funko-pop style figures that was a major LEGO line in 2018, would return in 2020 with more releases. It was also noted that it would include licensed figures. As LEGO already has an active licence for Harry Potter LEGO, it would be obvious for them here in 2020 to add to the three sets we got in 2018. But which?

2018 Harry Potter Brickheadz

As a start, lets quickly recap the Brickheadz sets LEGO released in 2018, when they literally flooded the market with Brickheadz figures.

Back then I thought I didn’t really need any Brickheadz figures, probably overwhelmed by the number released, and even skipped the Harry Potter ones. During 2019, I regretted that and have worked to “fix” that mistake. For Christmas this year, I got the last set I needed with Ron Weasley and Dumbledore, so for now my Harry Potter themed Brickheadz collection is complete.


I will be reviewing these sets over the next few months.

Fan built models

When the Brickheadz figures started to appear, it didn’t take long till fans around the world started making their own models, some of which coming from the Harry Potter universe.

Firstly, Andrew Fox produced a lovely set of figures ahead of LEGO releasing their own Harry Potter Brickheadz.


These can be purchased from the webpage Inspired by Eric.

Since many more models have been shown, generally focusing on the characters LEGO didn’t release (which may be a good indication of what figures fans would like LEGO to release). One such is Dobby, who seems to be very popular. Andrew had one as shown above. The one below on the other hand was created by TheGrate with instructions available on Bricklink.


Another popular model appears to be Hagrid. Below an example of one such model, created by Andy, with instructions available for purchase.


2020 models

Rumours have already emerged about what sets we can expect. I won’t comment on those here – awaiting till they have been confirmed by LEGO.

But based on what fans have been building – and iconic (easily recognisable) characters in general, I think the following would be good candidates:

  • Dobby
  • Hagrid
  • Luna Lovegood
  • Madeye Moody

With the New York Toy Fair a couple of weeks away, maybe we won’t have to wait long to know. What figures would you in particular like to see and why? Please leave a comment to let me know!

I’ll be back as soon we have confirmed what Brickheadz figures we might get.

Till then, Build the Magic!


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