REVIEW: 4 Privet Drive

With the calendar saying August 1, the new LEGO Harry Potter sets are now finally available in North America. The sets are worth the wait though - the ones I've looked at so far have been amazing. Here I take a look at 4 Privet Drive. I have really been looking forward to this one, having built my own model earlier in the year, and I was keen to compare it with the new one. Overall, I've really impressed with the set. Read on to see why...

Harry Potter Brickheadz to return in 2020?

Already back in mid 2019, it was announced that after a relatively quiet 2019 for Brickheadz, the funko-pop style figures that was a major LEGO line in 2018, would return in 2020 with more releases. It was also noted that it would include licensed figures. As LEGO already has an active licence for Harry Potter LEGO, it would be obvious for them here in 2020 to add to the three sets we got in 2018. But which?