2022 LEGO Harry Potter speculations…

The last four years have given us some impressive LEGO Harry Potter sets, and it is hard to imagine that to stop in 2022. In fact, four new sets are due to hit the shops in a few days. But will we get more? Rumours say so. I'm not presenting any such rumours here, but rather the thoughts I formed over the Christmas break, which I never got around to write down till now...

LEGO Harry Potter sets predicted to retire by the end of 2021 (August 2021 update)

Many sets from the 2018-2021 range of LEGO Harry Potter have been around for surprisingly long, suggesting a strong interest in the theme. But to make room for new sets, older sets will eventually be retired. What sets and when can be hard to predict, but we've found some information about what Harry Potter sets that may be retired by the end of the year...

New Harry Potter CMF series 2 rumours emerge

There have been plenty of rumours and speculation about a new Harry Potter Collectable Minifigure (CMF) series 2 to come in 2020. It would be awesome if true, and in my excitement I created a "wish list" as per my post last year. In the last day, we have seen some more substantial rumours, for example as reported by The Brick Fan, suggesting an official reveal (should it be true) may come soon.

4 Privet Drive

Already the opening scenes of the movies introduces us to number 4 Privet Drive, with Harry being delivered on the doorstep of the house that would become his home after the tragic death of his parents. While Harry hated his time there, the home was an integral part of the story and some of the most memorable scenes happened there (poor aunt Marge). As result, 4 Privet drive has both been released as an official set and been built by many fans as well, as we shall look at here.

Harry Potter Brickheadz to return in 2020?

Already back in mid 2019, it was announced that after a relatively quiet 2019 for Brickheadz, the funko-pop style figures that was a major LEGO line in 2018, would return in 2020 with more releases. It was also noted that it would include licensed figures. As LEGO already has an active licence for Harry Potter LEGO, it would be obvious for them here in 2020 to add to the three sets we got in 2018. But which?

Will Christmas bring some Yule ball magic – or return of the graveyard?

With no new Harry Potter sets revealed at the New York Toy Fair earlier this month, rumours of future sets are still thick. The previous list of five sets still seems both plausible and logical, and the potential Advent calendar could be totally awesome. Emerging photos of potential leaks of torso prints from the Yule … Continue reading Will Christmas bring some Yule ball magic – or return of the graveyard?