Dumbledore’s lectern

Each year on 1 September, Dumbledore would welcome the students back to Hogwarts from his lectern in the Great Hall (and then typically proceed to announce a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher). As the lectern features in most movies, I am glad to have built a lectern for my own Great Hall now.

It has been a while since I did any serious building. Instead, I’ve been busy refurbishing and organising my new LEGO room. More about that in a later post. But with all time spent organising of my LEGO collection and in particular my loose bricks, building MOCs has now become a lot easier.

First to benefit from the increased level of organisation is Dumbledore’s lectern. Below is a photo of what it looked like in the movies.

Welcome to Hogwarts – let the feast begin!

Back in September 2020, I built the lectern in larger scale, when I tried to come up with alternative builds using the bricks that came with the LEGO Harry Potter – Build Your Own Adventure book. Considering the limited selection of bricks that came with the book, I was pretty happy with the result, which is shown below.

As I noted back then, the Build Your Own Adventure book even had a suggestion to how you could build one in minifigure scale as shown here.

Since then, I wanted to build my own version – though slightly bigger as I planned to build it using the minifigure wings instead of the flame pieces. It got almost completed but as I was missing a few pieces (including the wings) it ended up in a plastic bag in a box with other “work in progress” projects and eventually forgotten.

When I recently started moving my LEGO into the refurbished room, I found it again – and as I worked my way through boxes and bags full of LEGO parts, I eventually also found the few pieces I needed to complete this. So here my minifigure version of Dumbledore’s lectern…

The photos below show in more detail how it has been built. The photos should hopefully be enough to inspire anyone who wants to build their own. If there is enough interest, I can make a set of instructions in Studio when time allows.

Overall, I am pretty happy with result, though the candles in particular are a bit fragile because the way they are attached, but I haven’t come up with a better way to have the ones at the wing tips higher than those in the middle. It wouldn’t have worked for play, but it is okay for display.

I may try a few alternatives in the coming months to see if I can improve further. Maybe it also need a smaller head? Time will tell…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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