REVIEW: Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets

It has been no less than 19 years since LEGO last released a Chamber of Secrets set. That was back when the minifigures within the Harry Potter theme still had yellow heads. So it is great news that LEGO has finally made a new version as part of its 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter series of sets due to hit the shelves in June 2021. LEGO has kindly sent me an advance copy to review. Read on to see what you'll get...

Dumbledore’s lectern

Each year on 1 September, Dumbledore would welcome the students back to Hogwarts from his lectern in the Great Hall (and then typically proceed to announce a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher). As the lectern features in most movies, I am glad to have built a lectern for my own Great Hall now.

LEGO Harry Potter CMF series 2 spotted in the wild

While not officially revealed by LEGO yet (but with an expected release date of 1 September it can't be far away), Promobricks has found LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures (CMF) Series 2 for sale at a couple of Carrefour supermarkets. So we now know all 16 figures we are to get and it looks like a very strong series. Here is what we get and a bit of backstory to some of the figures...

REVIEW: Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore Brickheadz

While the 2020 sets have started to hit the shelves in some countries, I still got a few of the 2018 sets I never got around to review back then. I'm still hopeful that we get to see more Brickheadz from the Harry Potter universe if not in 2020, then in 2021. But focusing on what we have got, here is my review of the largest of the three Harry Potter themed Brickheadz sets released back in 2018. And it was a pleasant addition to my collection as you will see...

REVIEW: Hogwarts Clock Tower

When the Clock tower set came out mid year, I planned to skip it, but quite wanted the figures. The whole set grew on me, realising you got a number of new rooms: Prefects bathroom, Madeye Moody's classroom, and the hospital. So when it eventually went on sale, I bought it immediately. Reviewing it has taken months though. But as the set has all the minifigures dressed up for the Yule ball, I thought I better get it done in time for Christmas.