Harry Potter themed plush figures

As if there wasn’t enough things to collect, you can now get cuddly plush minifigures from the Harry Potter universe. The good thing is that these may sit comfortable on your bed (partners don’t generally otherwise appreciate finding LEGO pieces in the bed) and thus not fill up valuable shelf space for your LEGO collection. Here is what we know…

A while ago, the Manhattan Toy Company, started creating a Plush Toy Collection, turning a number of iconic LEGO characters into soft and cuddly plush toys. About mid last year, the range was expanded to include several characters from the LEGO Harry Potter universe.

These were initially only available from the US retailer Target (this, you can truly call a soft launch), but from September 2022, they were also to be found at the official LEGO online shop, and at least also from Amazon in the UK and various LEGOLAND retail stores. 

As of January 2023, the range has now grown to seven characters as seen below.

If this is something for you – or you know young Harry Potter fans that would love to get some of those – you can find them all on LEGO’s online shop here (affiliate link).

Apart from Hagrid, they cost $26.99 each in the US, with Hagrid priced at $38.99 instead. In the UK, the prices are £24.99 for the normal figures and £34.99 for Hagrid respectively, while in Germany they cost 29,99 € or 37,99 €.

I’ll get back to the plastic bricks again, having started on my Hogwarts Express review – and eagerly awaiting further information about the Harry Potter themed LEGO DOTS sets to come in March 2023. I will let you know as soon as I hear more…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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