LEGO reveals its Harry Potter themed DOTS sets

Previously, we learned that LEGO had planned to release a number of Harry Potter themed sets in its DOTS range. While LEGO subsequently has announced that the DOTS range is to be discontinued after this year, it doesn’t affect the planned March release, where LEGO has now provided official information…

Three sets are going to be released, with all the small colourful tiles you’d expect from a DOTS set to customise your builds. However, only two of them, it appears, will have special printed tiles with key characters from the movies, Hogwarts logo, etc.

Here are the three sets revealed:

Hogwarts Accessories Pack

  • Set 41808
  • Pieces: 234
  • Price: £12.99, €14.99

Hedwig Pencil Holder

  • Set 41809
  • Pieces: 518 pieces
  • Price: £17.99, €19.99

Hogwarts Desktop Kit

  • Set 41811
  • Pieces: 856
  • Price: £39.99, €44.99

So, is that what you had hoped for? Personally, I really like the small accessory pack, which provides all that I expected from a DOTS set. But I’m not sure the larger ones really provide enough value. They do have interesting designs, so it you do want to decorate your desktop, it may be for you. But the Hedwig pencil holder doesn’t even look like it includes special printed tiles.

These sets will are due for release in March along with the six normal sets also due. I’m looking forward to see all these sets in the shops.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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