LEGO reveals its Harry Potter themed DOTS sets

Previously, we learned that LEGO had planned to release a number of Harry Potter themed sets in its DOTS range. While LEGO subsequently has announced that the DOTS range is to be discontinued after this year, it doesn't affect the planned March release, where LEGO has now provided official information... Three sets are going to … Continue reading LEGO reveals its Harry Potter themed DOTS sets

Harry Potter themed plush figures

As if there wasn't enough things to collect, you can now get cuddly plush minifigures from the Harry Potter universe. The good thing is that these may sit comfortable on your bed (partners don't generally otherwise appreciate finding LEGO pieces in the bed) and thus not fill up valuable shelf space for your LEGO collection. Here is what we know...

Six new LEGO Harry Potter sets due in March 2023

It has been a busy month for me travelling. While I had planned it so I could continue my daily advent calendar review posts, I couldn't keep up with the other news, such as the official photos revealed of the new Harry Potter sets due 1 March 2023. So now where I'm back where my laptop is, let's have a look at what's coming...

Exclusive minifigure of Rita Skeeter coming in 2023

Less than a month ago, I wrote about the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia due to be published in July 2023. Its listing suggested that would be with an exclusive Harry Potter minifigure, but the latest photos uploaded to reveal it is another character we'll get. Rita Skeeter will be coming, which is great news, as she's rather iconic (yet uncharming) character. Read on for the details...

New LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia coming in 2023

We have seen a lot of new Harry Potter figures released in recent years - and the otherwise excellent 2012 book LEGO Harry Potter: Characters of the Magical World obviously misses all of those. It is therefore great news that a new LEGO Harry Potter character encyclopedia is coming next year. This is what we … Continue reading New LEGO Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia coming in 2023