Harry Potter themed LEGO DOTS sets due in March 2023

The H1-2023 LEGO catalogue is now available online and has revealed more LEGO Harry Potter due in March 2023. This is what we know…

It was only yesterday, I wrote about six traditional sets coming 1 March, but this is now apparently to be supplemented by one or more Harry Potter themed DOTS sets.

The new LEGO catalogue for first half of 2023 now available online revealed a reference to a crossover between the DOTS and Harry Potter themes.

LEGO DOTS is a theme where yor decorate small models or wearable LEGO pieces (like bracelets or stitch-on patches) with small LEGO dots. Those dots are tiles, 1×1 in size, typically round or somewhat rounded and occasionally with printing.

This DOTS collaboration with Disney may be an indication of that to expect for Harry Potter

I’m sure wearable sets would be popular if that’s is what they are planning. Looking beyond that, the Hogwarts Crest wall art set from the LEGO Arts theme could be seen as a massive LEGO DOTS set, but for anything under the DOTS banner expect something a lot smaller and more customisable, like the Hogwarts Magical Trunk set from last year, but again smaller and without the minifigures. It will be interesting to see if we get non-wearable sets instead (or hopefully as well).

LEGO has subsequently revealed that 2023 will be the last year with DOTS.

I think the DOTS set(s) could be a very popular supplement to the theme, adding something new. So it is great that we will get a Harry Potter themed release before it is discontinued and I’m looking forward to see the official photos when available.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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