New Brickheadz set with Hagrid and Buckbeak revealed

Last year, it was flagged that new licensed Brickheadz figures were to come in 2020, and while the Harry Potter universe wasn’t mentioned, given it is an active license, I wasn’t surprised to find that overnight photos have emerged on the Hungarian toy retailer Kockashop website showing a new Brickheadz set with Hagrid and Buckbeak. Here is what we know…

The new set is a twin pack (set 40412), featuring two full sized models of Rubeus Hagrid along with his hippogriff Buckbeak. It consists of 270 pieces and is listed as being available 1 August 2020, though as it isn’t available anywhere else, that appears to be an error, and probably is meant for a September release. Prices for the different regions are so far not known, but I’ll add them once they become available.

Hagrid carries a lantern and his pink umbrella. I think the jacket looks great, but while I know it is the style of the figures, his forehead does look too dominant. The model of Buckbeak looks amazing, though with a rather fierce look. But he often looked like that in the movies too.

As normal, both figures come with a 6×6 base for display.

I’m looking forward to expand my collection with these ones, though I may redo Hagrid’s forehead/hair.

Did you miss out on the three sets released in 2018? Check out my reviews of them on the Reviews page.

Will we see even more Harry Potter Brickheadz sets coming? Time will tell…

Till then, Build the Magic!

The Brickheadz figures released across three sets in 2018

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