Displaying your collectable Wizard Card tiles

The 20th anniversary sets have been in the shops for about a week and many may now consider what to do with the collectable wizard card tiles included in the sets. You have 16 to collect – but how are they best displayed? Here is what I did…

As previously covered, the 2021 mid-year wave of LEGO Harry Potter sets introduced a new collectable item – 2×2 tiles with famous wizards and witches printed on them, representing the wizard cards you get when buying the magical chocolate frogs for example from the trolley lady in the Hogwarts Express.

There are 16 to collect in total, all printed on dark purple tiles. The different ones are shown below based on the collector sheets at the back of the instructions.

As it was pointed out in the previous post, there was a printing mistake, so Rowena Ravenclaw and Garrick Ollivander had the same illustration. We have now finally seen what Rowena looks like.

The wizard card tiles are included in six sets from this wave, but we have also just learned that the upcoming 2021 Advent calendar due in September will also include a couple. Here are the numbers included in each known set:

Building a display for your wizard cards

From the four sets I’ve got to date, I’ve got 14 wizard tiles, 9 of which are unique. I wanted to build a display for them. Due to the many sets released in recent years, I am running out of space, so I opted for something rather compact, with the key focus on matching the colours – dark purple, gold and black.

Here is what I ended up with.

These photos show a bit better the parts used. Otherwise, I have subsequent made instructions for them, as per this post.

Initially I thought of using my old wizard cards, chocolate frog and box, to come up with a display option, but they don’t really match the colours well, so I’ll keep them as a separate display instead.

If you like my older models, you can find the instructions using the links below:


Hopefully the remaining 2021 sets will fill some of the gaps in my collection of wizard card tiles. Time will tell.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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