Collectable Wizard Card tiles available on Bricklink

The 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter sets gave us a new collectable item – the Chocolate Frog Wizard Card tiles, with each set from the theme giving us a number of random tiles. With 16 to collect, you will generally have to resort to swapping or buying extras to get a full set. All 16 tiles are now finally listed on Bricklink, helping you to find potential sellers of the tiles you may be missing. Here are the links…

I have previously discussed the wizard card tiles in the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter sets. In the last few days Bricklink has been updated with inventory information for the sets that became available 1 June, which means the collectable wizard card tiles are now also listed in the database. Bricklink is a trading platform for LEGO sets and individual pieces, with a large number of sellers from around the world. A number of sales have already been made of the wizard card tiles, and I’ve looked at the sales data.

In the table below, I’ve looked up the amount of tiles sold and the average sales price, along with how many that are available for sale, and the price requested. Those numbers were as of 19 June 2021, with prices being in US$.

The number of tiles both sold and for sale is so far too small to suggest if any of the tiles are more rare than others – with the prices variances seen all being within the statistical uncertainty.

Similarly, the selling prices are quite similar, with only Bertie Bott standing out as being sold for somewhat less than the other tiles. The asking price is also lower. It will be interesting to see if this persist.

The listed price for the two Dumbledore versions appears to be slightly higher than those of the other, which could be perception that they are (or will become) more popular. Again, it is early days and more data is required verify if those tiles are indeed more popular than others and will continue to cost more.

To help you look up any missing tiles, I’ve added links to the individual listings in the table below.

NameSold AmountSold Qty-Average Price Available AmountAvailable Qty-Average Price
Bertie Bott29$1.3935$1.56
Garrick Ollivander30$2.0420$1.80
Olympe Maxime33$2.1340$1.93
Nicholas Flamel26$1.8423$1.85
Rowena Ravenclaw35$1.8022$1.95
Jocunda Sykes31$2.1042$2.08
Albus Dumbledore Silver34$2.0540$2.35
Albus Dumbledore Gold38$1.8637$2.16
Severus Snape30$1.8819$1.77
Godric Gryffindor30$1.8822$1.75
Minerva McGonagall28$1.9121$1.87
Gilderoy Lockhart24$1.9628$2.00
Salazar Slytherin30$1.8027$1.80
Helga Hufflepuff35$1.7128$1.75
Seraphina Picquery32$1.9023$1.83
Newt Scamander30$1.8530$1.80

You can use the links above to help fill any gaps in your collection, if you haven’t been successful swapping with others. I still have a few gaps to fill myself as seen below (instructions for the stand are available here), but I also have a few more sets on the way, so hopefully, I will get some of the missing tiles there – before I have to resort to buying/swapping.

I’ll provide an update in a few weeks when more sales have been recorded, as that will give a better indication of popularity.

Till then, Build the Magic!

6 thoughts on “Collectable Wizard Card tiles available on Bricklink

  1. I love the card display stand instructions you offered: I’ve ordered the parts in order to start displaying the Tiles I get as I start building my Anniversary sets (starting now on Chamber of Secrets!). Thanks!


  2. I’ve got the 16 tiles like a month ago, and I’ve used your previously introduced MOC to display them (thanks for sharing!) sadly I’m not able to post a pic to share it here.


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