New LEGO Harry Potter polybag revealed

As reported by the Brick Fan, a new LEGO Harry Potter polybag has been revealed on LEGO’s Building Instructions page. This polybag (set 30392) is titled ‘Hermione’s Study Desk’. This is what you get…

Polybags offer a nice supplement to your LEGO Harry Potter worlds for an affordable price.

Since the theme’s revival in 2018, we got ‘Harry’s Journey to Hogwarts’ (set 30407) in 2018 and in 2020 we had ‘Harry Potter and Hedwig: Owl delivery’ (set 30420). But we didn’t get a polybag in 2019, and as we already saw the 2020 polybag revealed in April that year, I was thinking 2021 might be another year without a polybag.

But as reported by The Brick Fan, a new LEGO Harry Potter polybag has just been revealed on LEGO’s Building Instructions website.

The 2021 polybag is named ‘Hermione’s Study Desk’ and it is refreshing to see a polybag with another character than Harry Potter himself.

The new 2021 LEGO Harry Potter polybag – Hermione’s Study Desk

The set includes Hermione in her Gryffindor robes along with a study desk, a book, a perch for an owl, two letters (a white and a tan) and what may interest many – one of the collectable wizard tiles, which I have previously covered in this post.

If it becomes available for retail, it will become the cheapest way to get tiles, in particular if the bag is transparent, so you can see what you’ll get. Otherwise, if you are after specific ones, you will be better off swapping with others or buying any missing ones from Bricklink.

It is interesting that LEGO has included an owl, as Hermione’s pet was the cat Crookshanks. But she did like to write, and it may simply represent an owl from the owlery, ready to deliver the various letters Hermione writes. The included owl is new this year and it is good to see becoming more readily available.

Two questions remain. Firstly, when we will see it become available – and secondly whether the set will become available for retail – or it will be a gift-with-purchase (GWP)? Polybags are often controlled by the marketing side of LEGO rather than the retail arm, and it often depends on which retailers (LEGO’s own retail side included) that sources them and how they decide to use them. So we could see it included with kids magazines, being GWP or even being available for retail. Time will tell…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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