Back to Hogwarts MOC competition – and the winner is…

For Harry Potter fans around the world, 1 September is known as Back to Hogwarts day. It is the day where students find their way to Hogwarts, typically catching the Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross station and arrive at the castle in the evening for the welcome feast and sorting ceremony. In the lead up to this year’s Back to Hogwarts day, we ran MOC competition – and we are now ready to announce the winner…

The theme of the Back to Hogwarts My Own Creation (MOC) competition was to build one or more Hogwarts rooms using the modular system introduced in this year’s 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter sets. You can find the competition announcement here.

I would like to thank all who submitted entries. I’m pleased to see that so many high quality entries. Also a big thank you to the two external judges, who assisted me selecting the winner:

  • Cade Franklin, winner of of LEGO Masters Australia – Season 1 (together with Henry Pinto).
  • Richard Jones, editor of the Rambling Brick.

As we shall see, the entries cover a good selection of Hogwarts rooms. In particular the library seems to be a popular addition with no less than five entries covering that room in one way or form. Also popular was the Gryffindor Common Room which featured in four entries.

But without further ado, let’s get to business…

Winner – Order of the Phoenix Hogwarts Modules

A big congratulations to Ethan Teakle (@brick_387), who won the competition with an impressive Hogwarts modular castle, with all custom rooms reflecting scenes from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

You will find the Room of Requirement, the Gryffindor Common Room and Dormitory (complete with four poster bed), Umbridge’s office and the Potion classroom. The facade has also been beautifully made, with the vine growing up the wall being particularly impressive.

Cade noted:

I really liked the fireworks, nice use of parts that totally sells the effect, perfect for the troublemakers Fred and George. I also like the colours used in Umbridge’s office and contrast it has to the more the ominous feel to the potions classroom.

Here are a few more photos of the winning entry.

Runner up – Filch’s office…

Just behind, in an extremely close race, is this model by James Sparham. It is one of the smaller MOCs submitted, but is extremely well executed and shows Harry Potter in Filch’s office (he was taken there by Filch to get a detention form in the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets after dropping dirt in the corridor).

The minifigures and their expressions that really helps tell the story of the scene too.

My own notes read:

I like the messy look of the room along with all the details – such as the Marauders map sticking out of the filing cabinet and teapot on the table.

Here are a few more photos of the runner up:

Honorable mentions

A lot of the other entries showed great techniques and creativity worth mentioning.

Library with glass mosaic by An Anonymous Autistic

This entry was one of many library rooms submitted, but stood out because of the beautiful glass mosaic created by cheese slopes in different transparent colours.

Library by Christie Bridge

While we are looking at libraries, here’s a larger library made from three individual modules, covering the main book section, the librarian at her desk and the restricted section respectively. In particular, I like the busy look of the main library section and the two ghosts having a tea party.

Richard noted:

So much detail – the first years in the library, Harry and Filch in the restricted section, ghosts sharing a moment, and Cho checking out a book. 

Castle courtship by Ryk Field

This entry includes a well developed Gryffindor common room including a nice wizard chess game. Note the ladybug in the window. Is that Rita Skeeter listening in? Fun little detail.

Christmas before the Polyjuice Potion by Max Eichler

This model integrates the new Moaning Myrtle bathroom into the 2001 Hogwarts castle, which has had its interior refurbished to include the Gryffindor Common Room and the Hogwarts architect. Furthermore, the whole castle has been decorated for Christmas, which looks amazing. Overall, a great integration of old and new.

Cade noted:

I really enjoyed the scene with Crabbe and Goyle and the floating treats. It made me laugh out loud.

Extended Hogwarts by Ovski

This Hogwarts castle shows some great additions to the official modules. In particular I like the small Umbridge office. Amazing how much detail than can be put into an 8×8 section. Other great small rooms include the Gryffindor and Slytherin common rooms, a staircase and the vanishing cabinet, while larger custom 8×16 sections include a library.

Slytherin Common Room under the lake by Bil Thompson

Lastly, I will mention this really cool version of the Slytherin Common Room. The rendering is great with the greenish light really creating the atmosphere you would expect in that room. I also like that it captures the fact that the common room extends partway under the Great Lake.

Richard noted:

Just how I would expect the Slytherin Common Room to look…


This is all for now. Once again, thanks to all who submitted, to the judges and not least to LEGO for providing the prize.

Looking forward, I will probably do a Christmas themed MOC competition in December, so take your thinking hats on already now. Look out for the announcement – and have a go with an entry or two. Remember, you need to be in the competition to win!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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