Helping others – from Harry Potter magic to Little Miracles…

Back mid year, Blockwarts teamed up with BrisBricks and The Brick Zone to do a 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter exhibition. For entry we asked for a donation, which has now allowed us to give a good donation to a local children’s charity…

When I visited The Brick Zone earlier in the year (see post from my visit), we ended up discussing the possibilities for future collaboration, such as exhibitions at their location in the picturesque town of Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

This lead to a 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter exhibition starting in the June holidays in collaboration between Blockwarts, The Brick Zone and BrisBricks, which is the local LEGO User Group in Brisbane and the wider South East Queensland. The centrepiece was the 96-baseplate display I’ve built with Russell, where the Hogwarts Express takes students from London to Hogmeade for their ongoing journey to Hogwarts.

The other key attraction was The Brick Zone’s collection of all official LEGO Harry Potter sets.

A range of smaller MOCs were also on display, including Gringott’s dragon and the supersized Beauxbatons’ Carriage. Neither of them had been displayed previously. Hogsmeade in Winter time had only been displayed once before.

We asked for a “gold coin” donation for entry, and while a regional lockdown cut the exhibition short, we were still left with a somewhat heavy bag of money by the time the exhibition closed.

It has been busy since, but we’ve finally got around to do something about this. Due to friends generously providing accommodation in the area, the actual costs of running the exhibition were limited. So I’m thrilled to announce that Blockwarts together with Brisbricks and The Brick Zone has been able to make a donation of $300 to the Mater Foundation, who’s running Mater Little Miracles.

Mater Little Miracles is committed to giving all babies the best possible start to life, by helping Mater’s medical and research teams to work day and night to help save the lives of Mater’s tiniest and most vulnerable patients.

It is great doing something you love while also helping the community. Both Russell and I have had family members benefit from this program, so we were glad for the opportunity to give something back. We would like to thank all who came along and left a donation for making this happen!

Now I better get on with my next post, which will present my latest MOC. This will be on display for the first time at BrisBricks’ LEGO Fan Expo at Chandler, Brisbane 2-4 October 2021. I am really looking forward to reveal this one in the coming days here on the blog!

Till then, Build the Magic!

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