Back to Hogwarts – MOC competition announced!

Before long, Hogwarts students will flock to Platform 9 3/4 to catch the train to Hogwarts for another year at school. To celebrate this upcoming “Back to Hogwarts” day, Blockwarts will run another MOC competition where you could be the lucky winner of a prize, should you design the best addition to the Hogwarts castle modules released this year. Here’s how you enter…

This year we have celebrated the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter sets. These anniversary sets have given us golden minifigures, collectable wizard card tiles, and not least a new modular Hogwarts system.

The various Hogwarts themed sets allows you to build a decent castle, but there will be many important rooms missing even if you got all the sets.

So to mark the upcoming “Back to Hogwarts” day, I thought I would do another of our MOC (my own creation) competitions to see who can build the best addition to the castle, so it can be improved before the students arrive 1 September. So grab some bricks and start building!

The new modular system used in the 2021 Hogwarts themed sets


To be part of the competition, your MOC must:

  • Be a Hogwarts module (room/tower) or collection of modules to fit with the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter sets. That means each module should be built with predominantly tan coloured walls, be 8 studs deep, 8 bricks high, and with a width of either 8 (tower or small room), 16 (typical room) or 24 studs (large room, such as Great Hall). Get for example inspiration from these sets (or the photo above):
  • Use original LEGO pieces (though builds made digitally using LEGO Digital Designer or are perfectly fine).
  • Be your own original work. Anyone submitting original work made by others will be disqualified.

You may submit more than one entry to the competition. See further down for how to submit.

For further terms and conditions, see the fine print.

The prize

The first (and only) prize for the best entry is Hogsmeade Village Visit – set 76388 (see review here), kindly donated by LEGO’s AFOL Engagement Team.

You can win a sealed copy of this beautiful set

The winning entry is selected by a judging panel of three:

  • Myself, editor of Blockwarts.
  • Cade Franklin, winner of LEGO Masters Australia – Season 1 (together with Henry Pinto).
  • Richard Jones, editor of the Rambling Brick.

We will look at creativity (the idea), technique (how well executed) as well as story telling (is it clear what is happening in the room).

Submitting your entry

Please submit your entry no later than the end of Wednesday 1 September 2021 using the following form. This allows you to upload up to five photos of your MOC per entry.

Using the form does help me keeping everything organised. If the form does cause issues (it does require a Google account to upload your photo), use the “Contact” form to get in touch and we can arrange an alternative.

I’m very much looking forward to see the entries!

Go ahead – Build the Magic!

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