LEGO Harry Potter 2020 Advent calendar official

While not a surprise to most, we’ve now seen the first official reference and photo of the 2020 LEGO Harry Potter Advent calendar from LEGO itself. Here is what we know…

The reveal comes with the publication of the LEGO catalogues for second half of 2020. Depending on the target country, the catalogues have slightly different coverage of the coming sets and the Danish LEGO catalogue reveals for the first time, the Advent Calendar for Harry Potter.

Zooming in on the Harry Potter calendar, we see it seems to focus on the Yule Ball with Harry Potter, Ron Weasley (who both features in the 2019 Hogwarts Clocktower set and luckily what appears to be either Padma or Patil Parvati, who (regardless of which one) will be making her first appearance as minifigure.

The tile held by Harry is the official Yule Ball invitation, which is a nice touch.

With the calendar now appearing in a LEGO catalogue, I assume we’ll soon see some official high res photos and a press release with further details. I’ll post those as soon as I get them.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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