Hogwarts Express bookends

The Hogwarts Express set released in 2018 was a great set – by far the best version of the iconic train released to date. While it does look great, these bookends designed by Ryk Field gives you an alternative way of displaying the train to make it stand out even more. Interested? Luckily, Ryk has made the instructions available…

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter, Blockwarts has been doing a display at the Brick Zone (who has all LEGO Harry Potter sets on display) in the last week. It featured a number of my own MOCs, but also this very cool set of bookends designed by my friend Ryk, which caught much attention at the display. It is basically a piece of art.

Ryk basically took the Hogwarts Express (set 75955) from 2018 and “cut it in half”, creating a set of bookends, that looks like the train is going through your books via a tunnel. Ryk has made instructions on how to build them available here.

For LEGO Harry Potter fans, who may not have the room for a train oval, this could be a great way to display your Hogwarts Express (along with your Harry Potter book collection).

At the anniversary display, I also showed a few of my newest MOCs for the first time. I will cover them in various posts over the next few weeks – along with reviews of more of the new LEGO Harry Potter releases, having just received a long awaited shipment of LEGO sets.

So plenty to look forward to…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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