Hogwarts upgrade!

In preparation for the next display, the major Harry Potter display I’ve been working on with my friend Russell, has seen a number of improvements.

Hogwarts as it looked last time on display. Currently it is undergoing an upgrade

For the Hogwarts Castle part, the main improvements have been the addition of fully furbished rooms for :

  • Troll on the loose (in the bathroom)
  • Professor Lupin’s classroom
  • Library
  • Greenhouses for Professor Sprouts herbology class
Troll on the loose!

The foundation of the last wing has been laid, with ground floor to include Charms class, first floor the “out of order” girls’ lavatory (Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom) and top floor the Room of Requirements.

Also, there’s a tower yet to come (basement is complete with the Slytherin Common Room). Apart from stairs, it will probably feature Professor Umbridge’s office.

The whole castle has seen minor fixes to the visual appearance of the buildings (where substitute bricks were used to make ready for last display)

For the surrounding area, Russell has been busy, and highly creative, adding a motorized Horntail Dragon chase scene, worth a separate post.

He has also added to the London scene, with a mini-version of London Zoo in place as well as the Ministry of Magic (again, worth a separate post).

Ministry of Magic is the grey brick building in the front right. Just in front of that is London Zoo.

All this building leaves less time for writing blog posts, like reviews. But I’ll try to sneak in one or two in the next month. Plenty of ideas, little time to execute.

Build the magic!

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