The Monster book of Monsters – official photos, instructions but still little about availability

Thanks to Brickfinder, we now have official photos of this buildable book along with instructions. It seems like it will be a Barnes & Noble exclusive in the US for the upcoming Black Friday sales, but availability elsewhere remain uncertain…

We recently posted a sneak-peak of the Monster book of Monsters, but now LEGO has updated its website with official photos. Here is what it looks like.

More importantly, you can find the instructions here, including a parts list should you fancy building this yourself. While it luckily doesn’t include any exclusive parts, the set does use stickers for the eyes and the title of the book though.

As shown in this photo, you can push the book around, which will make it look like it is snapping.

Push it along for some action

The previous post had an animation that showed that in action.


Apart from the set being available from Shanghai LEGO Discovery Center, we haven’t heard much about global availability. But I’ve seen the below indication that it should be available from Barnes & Noble in the US (assumingly from around Black Friday). It is a rather substantial gift to get for $75 purchase – and it is unclear what the “6-8 years old” refer to, so it could be an incomplete website update. The I’ll update with more details as I get it.

Is this a set you are after? Or are you less attracted to the “non-minifigure” scaled sets? I’ll try to source it for sure, hoping it will become available in my part of the world.

Time will tell. Till then, Build the Magic!

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