More Hogwarts Crest photos released

While not available in stores till January 2021, LEGO has formally announced the new LEGO Arts set Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests (set 31201), along with some photos of it. It shows that in addition to building either of the four house crests from the set, you can also build a complete crest with all four houses, though it will require four sets to do so.

Some photos of the new LEGO Arts sets were released (probably prematurely) a few days ago by a dutch retailer, but we didn’t have photos showing all of the houses, nor the full crest you are able to build, should you have four sets. LEGO has now provided us with those photos, and it does look pretty amazing.

Large crest with all four houses

It does look great, and I’m not sure whether I like the big crest more than the four house crests hanging individually. What do you think?

The four house crests hanging individually

We have also got the official press release from LEGO:

LEGO ART Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Crests 31201

Are you ready to celebrate your favorite Hogwarts™ house? Spend focused time building 1 of 4 different crests or collect all 4 sets to make the ultimate Hogwarts crest. The included Soundtrack enhances your experience and immerses you deeper into the project as you create the art piece. Once the build is complete, add the exclusive Harry Potter™ logo tile and proudly display your allegiance!

Piece Count 4249

RRP: 119.99 EUR – 199.99 AUD – 1099 DKK – 114.99 GBP – 119.99 USD – 149.99 CAD

I hope to be able to get some hands on experience with the set soon! It appears to use 1×1 round plates rather than the tiles that some of the other Arts series sets use, but I like the texture it creates, at least on photos.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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