Wizard chess playing maxi-figures

2021 gave us some interesting “anniversary” sets, mostly minifigure based – but also other scales. We got the Harry Potter and Hermione Granger “maxifigures” and we got a Wizard Chess set, that could both be used as a regular chess set, or a minifigure-scaled scene from the movies. But how about combining the two…

One of the somewhat “different” sets that came out in 2021 was the wizard chess. It both represented the human-scale chess game Ron played in the first movie (represented in minifigure scale), but is also a fully functional chess set by itself. The size made it hard to integrate with other minifigure scaled sets though – it is massive compared to say the “Fluffy encounter” set, which featured another of the challenges the trio had to overcome in the first movie.

But then I realised it kind of worked in the scale of the maxifigure set we also got that year. Basically, you can make it look like Harry and Hermione are playing chess together. The figures fit nicely in their hands, and the board is broadly the correct size (well, maybe slightly too large, but I can work with that).

So apart from needing both sets, you just need to add some legs to the chess board to lift the board up a bit. Here are a few versions of legs I tried to start with (I only had pieces to complete two of each at this point, but obviously you’ll need four).

To attach them more firmly, you can add an extra brick to one quarter of the top as shown here.

Here is an example, where I’ve added all four legs to the board.

Now let’s see what it looks like with the chess pieces and maxifigs.

On the zoom-ins below, you may see that the horse pieces are not those that came with the set, but rather the more detailed (but larger) ones I’ve designed (as covered in this post).

This is definitely how I’ll display these two sets going forward.

I hope you’ve got some inspiration from this post to make your own display setup. Maybe add small chairs for the figures to sit on? And a box for the chess pieces to have next to the chess table?

Ron Weasley was the real chess master however. It makes me wonder if we’ll ever see him released as maxifigure (or should I try to build him myself). Time will tell…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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