LEGO Harry Potter 2022 Advent calendar – official photos revealed

Christmas is coming it appears – and I haven’t even seen the festive decorations in the shops yet (I’m sure it will come soon). Overnight, LEGO uploaded the product page for the 2022 Advent Calendar to its website, so we have now a lot of information and photos of what to expect. Curious what it will bring? Read on for the full story…

76404 – LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 – US$44.99, £29.99, €34,99 

The calendar will once again feature 24 surprises and be available from 1 September. Also, the price has gone up it appears, which is a bummer. That is the most basic information you will need to know.

If you don’t want any spoilers at all, stop reading here. If you want a bit more information based on what can be derived from looking at the box and high level information from the website, you can keep reading for a bit longer…

This year’s calendar include 7 minifigures and 334 pieces. This is how it compares with previous calendars:

  • 2019 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar: 305 pieces, 413 gram, 6 minifigures (or 7 if including the Hogwarts Architect statue).
  • 2020 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar: 355 pieces, 443 gram, 6 minifigures.
  • 2021 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar: 274 pieces, 400 gram, 6 minifigures.

An extra minifigure is good, as is the higher piece count than last year, though it really depends on what pieces. Are they all small? Are some of them printed? (last year’s calendar had a lot of cool printed pieces).

But what about the theme?

We’ve seen Harry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts (in 2019), followed by the Yule Ball (in 2020). Last year we had the Journey to Hogwarts (again back at the first movie) – and that calendar also included a game.

This year we’ll get a mix of models from all movies. LEGO lists that the first 3 toys make a scene from the first movie, the next 3 days make a scene from the second movie, and so on. It will be interesting to follow.

Looking at the box, we can see that this year’s calendar also includes a game.

It will be interesting to see what that game is about.

I’ll finish the spoiler free part of the review showing the back of the box.

I know that some of you are keen for the full information about what is in the calendar before deciding whether to buy. You can continue to this page, which will reveal the full content.

If you like me want to be surprised every morning in December, keep calm and go back to do you whatever you were doing. December will come quickly enough (just remember to buy the Calendar beforehand).

Till then, Build the Magic!

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