– Week 1 review

It has been a week – and a bit – since was registered as domain and became active as blog for anything related to LEGO and the Harry Potter universe.

A lot of the focus will of course still be featuring our own Hogwarts display as it is improved on and expanded (Ministry of Magic has been added, more about this in a future post). But with the new release of Harry Potter sets and minifigures, there’s a lot more to cover, and we will do this as time allows.

Site traffic has been pretty good, with the most popular post being about the brick-built Chocolate Frog collectors card. The review of “Aragog’s Lair” came second. Feedback on the review has been helpful for me guiding future reviews, so these are different from what other blogs will provide.

Any further feedback and suggestions to posts you would like to see will be highly appreciated!

Build the magic!

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