Monday Meme returns

It has been a while since my last Monday Meme. This one is based on a series of photos I took at by Comic-con display in September, recreating the famous distracted boyfriend meme. In this post I’ve included a blank photo as well for anyone to use making their own memes.


One of the most used photos for memes is the so-called “distracted boyfriend”. This meme is based on a 2015 stock photo uploaded by the Spanish photographer Antonio Guillem to the stock photo database iStock.

In early 2017 social media users started using the image as a meme, and it went viral in August 2017 as a way to depict different forms of infidelity or at least distractions from a former love or friendship to something new (and exotic). Typically text boxes are added to illustrate the point. An example of the original photo is shown below.

example of original

More information about the meme is available here.

My photo

Coming up with a LEGO Harry Potter version came down to finding suitable characters and in particular facial expressions.

I opted for Ron and Hermione from the Harry Potter CMF series 1 as the couple with Fleur Delacour from the Beauxbatons’ carriage set as the distraction. I was lucky I found a Bricklink seller that had a lot of different head pieces, including one singing (I used for Ron) and a disapproving/angry female face.

I know that Ron and Hermione were not a couple when Fleur Delacour visited Hogwarts in the Goblet of Fire, but when Ron commented on Fleur’s English skills towards the end of the book, we did get something that could resemble this.

It’s very good already”, said Ron, in a strangled sort of voice. Fleur smiled at him; Hermione scowled.

For the backdrop, the photo was taken with the figures placed in my Hogsmeade section of my Harry Potter display showed at Comic-Con back in September.

Jealous girlfried meme HP style 2020 rumours

Here is another example meme with different text.

Jealous girlfried meme HP style irrelevant memes

Here is a blank version. Feel free to use it for your own memes. I’d be keen to see your creativity here!

Jealous girlfried meme HP style full res - blank

More memes

I few weeks ago I posted my Umbridge based Monday meme.

umbridge meme

I’ll collate all my memes on a dedicated memes page in the next few days while also preparing for my review of the Harry Potter Advent calendar, as December 1st is approaching fast…

Till then – Build the Magic!