REVIEW: Advent calendar 13 December 2021

We are already half way through the calendar. I really like the storyline with the small models and supporting minifigures, but the models themselves have not been as impressive as last year. Will today change this? Read on to see what’s behind door number 13…

As an initial impression, based on the number of bricks in the bag today, it could be a really good day.

13 December model

Today we got the door to vault 687 (Harry Potter’s vault at Gringotts Wizarding Bank). It is built from the 18 bricks included in the plastic bag hiding behind today’s door. Just one of those bricks is a spare.

The instructions are a bit busy, so here I’ve shown the build broken into smaller steps.

Putting it on its side, it becomes a nice looking door to the vault, as a nice extension to the Gringotts models we have got the last few days.

It looks more like the vault door you would expect than the only previously released LEGO version from the 2002 Gringott’s bank (set 4714).

The vault included in the 2002 Gringotts Bank set

Does the key fit? And what is inside? I guess we might find out tomorrow.


So what is the final verdict? It is a neat looking vault, though the door itself is a bit bare. More pieces would have worked of course, but with 18 pieces, today’s model is among the largest we have seen so far. A small tile with a printed keyhole would might have made a difference though. But overall, for a decent piece count, nice looking vault door and its good connection back to the previous three models, I’ll award it four out of five House points.

Harry is waiting in front of the door, exited to see what his parents have left him. Is he rich? Or will the calendar surprise us and give us something Christmas related instead (this is overdue)? You can check back on the Advent calendar review page tomorrow to see that was behind the (vault) door.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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