REVIEW: Advent calendar 6 December 2022

Wow, time goes quickly. We are already a quarter into this year’s advent calendar. Let’s see what they have for us today behind door number 6…

The symbols on the doors show that today we will get the last of the three Chamber of Secrets models and tomorrow we’ll continue with the third movie.

6 December model

Opening door six, we find our second minifigure. That was also my guess.

The minifigure is a really good one to represent the second movie: Moaning Myrtle. As with most other minifigures within the theme, it has a dual printed head, with a happy and sad face on the ghost.

It comes with the sand green 2×4 plate that is used as base for all three Chamber of Secrets models. I had hoped for some accessories, but nothing – not even a wand – or a transparent stand so she could “float”.

For comparison, below you can see the Harry Potter Collectable Minifigure (CMF) series 2 version of her to the left. It came with the diary as well as a few pieces that did indeed make her look floating through the air.

I think I prefer the bluish version of Myrtle – being a bit more ghost-like. But the one in the calendar is really well made too, and a great supplement for those who were not collecting Harry Potter LEGO when Harry Potter CMF series 2 was around a couple of years ago.

I wish that LEGO would be more consistent with the way they represents ghosts within the theme. Today’s model is a return back to how they looked in 2018, with Nearly-headless Nick in the Hogwarts Great Hall set. That also had grey clothes and a white head. In 2020, we got the Moaning Myrtle minifigure shown above, now using bluish colours instead. In 2021, in the Chamber of Secrets set, Nearly-headless Nick was back – this time in glow-in-the-dark colour. And finally now, we’re back to how ghosts looked in 2018.


Moaning Myrtle is a great minifigure to represent the second movie (Tom Riddle could have been another one). It is somewhat hard to find CMF series 2 figures these days, and the figure does look good – with shiny silvery print (both to front and back of torso). But with no leg printing nor accessories, I will keep the scoring just a bit higher than average awarding it 4 out of 5 house points.

That was another movie completed. Next up is the Prisoner of Azkaban. Wonder what will be in there? I also wonder if there will be anything Christmas related in this calendar at all? Maybe when we get to the Goblet of Fire (the Yule ball)? Time will tell. Be sure to check back on the 2022 Advent Calendar page in the coming days to see what we got.

Till then, Build the Magic!

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