REVIEW: Forbidden Forest – Umbridge’s encounter

In 2018 we got the Aragog’s Lair scene from the Forbidden Forest followed in 2019 by Expecto Patronum, which was also set in the forest. Now the calendar says 2020 and we are fortunately enough to get yet another Forbidden Forest set. This one brings us for the first time in LEGO both centaurs and Hagrid's half-brother Grawp, as well as a return of Professor Umbridge, who otherwise has been hard to get as minifigure. So many positives - but does the set as a whole stack up well?

2020 LEGO Harry Potter sets revealed

Finally, following a long period of unconfirmed rumours, LEGO has officially revealed the 2020 line-up of LEGO Harry Potter sets. And there is plenty to be excited about. As LEGO states in their press release: "discover the entrance to The Room of Requirement, lure Professor Umbridge to the Forbidden Forest, gatecrash the Ravenclaw dormitory and explore the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower. Excited? Let's have a closer look...