Make your own Colin Creevey

I’m re-reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and came to the conclusion that I needed to make a minifigure version of Colin Creevey. He’s the annoying (in Harry Potter’s eyes) first year Gryffindor student, who is a big fan of Harry and runs around with his muggle camera taking snaps.

I’m — I’m Colin Creevey. I’m in Gryffindor, too. D’you think — would it be all right if — can I have a picture?… So I can prove I’ve met you. I know all about you. Everyone’s told me. About how you survived when You-Know-Who tried to kill you, and how he disappeared and everything and how you’ve still got a lightning scar on your forehead…

Here’s Colin as we remember him from the movies.


And here is my version of him and his precious camera.

Colin with his camera, ready for a quick photo of Harry

As Colin was a first year student in the Chamber of Secrets book, I decided to use the kids legs. For uniform, I used the one from the 2016 LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack (set 71247), which better shows the Gryffindor colours than the new 2018 uniform design. Hair piece was difficult, but I opted for a dark tan, which seems appropriate in some movie scenes, but a lighter colour may have been a better choice, in particular when you see him outside.

Hi, I’m Colin Creevey!

Next up is the camera. It took me a few tries till I was happy with the flash.

The parts needed for the camera
The camera, partly assembled

Camera fully assembled. Ready to annoy Harry…

The completed Colin minifigure

Wonder what figure to make next….

Build the magic!

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