Make your own Gilderoy Lockhart

JK Rowling has created some truly amazing characters in the Harry Potter universe. One of the most iconic ones is Professor Lockhart, who has been included in surprisingly few LEGO sets, and none since 2002. So I created a customised version of Lockhart using a flesh-coloured head and posted a couple of photos with him recently. I have following been asked a few times which parts I had used for that. So here is what I did...

Black Friday

It's apparently Black Friday. It used to be generally a thing in the US, though retailers seem very keen to make it just as big in the rest of the world. So my social media feeds have been spammed "Black Friday" notifications for days. But if you ask me what Black Friday should be about, I'd say: "Are you Sirius?" So let's have a quick overview of Sirius Black in LEGO.


Thestals, those dark, evil looking horsies, which it turns out are quite gentle. They are one of the fascinating magical creatures introduced by J.K. Rowling. They feature unknowingly to us, already in The Chamber of Secrets when the horseless carriages take the students to Hogwarts from Hogsmeade station. It is not until the Order of the Phoenix we learn they are pulled by Thestrals, horselike creatures invisible to most. Let's have a quick look at them in the LEGO Harry Potter universe.