Make your own Gilderoy Lockhart

JK Rowling has created some truly amazing characters in the Harry Potter universe. One of the most iconic ones is Professor Lockhart, who has been included in surprisingly few LEGO sets, and none since 2002. So I created a customised version of Lockhart using a flesh-coloured head and posted a couple of photos with him recently. I have following been asked a few times which parts I had used for that. So here is what I did…


We were introduced to Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in The Chamber of Secrets. He was a man of many achievements (or at least so it seamed), who loved his hair, photo opportunities and had a weird sense of modesty when he described himself:

“Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin, Third Class, Honorary Member of the Dark Force Defense League, and five times winner of Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award. But I don’t talk about that; I didn’t get rid of the Banden Banshee by smiling at her.”

Gilderoy Lockhart

He was the author of many books, including seven which he assigned to be his textbooks when teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts in The Chamber of Secrets. It was also in The Chamber of Secrets he was signing copies of his autobiography “Magical Me” when Harry, Ron and Hermione was shopping for school supplies at Diagon Alley. This was the first time they met Lockhart.

I made a LEGO-nised version of the “Magical Me” book-cover as a teaser for an upcoming post I had planned about my Flourish and Blotts bookstore LEGO MOC (my own creation). Based on a screenshot from the LEGO Harry Potter computer game, I added it to a “Magical Me” book cover and created some animated parts.

Lockhart as LEGO minifigure

But Lockhart hasn’t just been in the computer game. But being such an iconic character, it is surprising that he has only been included in two LEGO sets so far, both dating back to the “yellow head” era. The two sets are

  • Set 4730 – Chamber of Secrets from 2002
  • Set 4733 – The Duelling Club from 2002

The two minifigures are shown below:

The hair piece works quite well, and for the dresses, I like in particular the pink-ish (sand red) one. This version has aged well considering what torso prints generally looked like back then. I used it for my Valentine’s Day post a while back. But the green dress is not bad either. I just prefer the other one.

Make your own

If you want to make your own, you can simply base in one of the existing versions, which are both still reasonably priced considering their relative rarity. As previously said, I generally prefer the pink suit, which matches well the version that were used in the LEGO Harry Potter computer game (shown below).

Making a “flesh” coloured version from this minifigure is really just replacing the two hands and finding a suitable head in light nougat (or light flesh as it used to be called on Bricklink). Two options I’ve found to work quite well are:

  • Minifigure, Head Black Eyebrows, Reddish Brown Dimples, Lopsided Open Mouth Grin Pattern – Hollow Stud. Bricklink item: 3626cpb1717
  • Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Brown Eyebrows, White Pupils, Smile with Teeth / Scared Pattern (Ray Stantz) – Hollow Stud. Bricklink item: 3626cpb1128

The left one I have used it for the photos I took of my model of the Flourish and Blotts bookstore, where he is signing his Magical Me autobiography. Molly Weasley is first in line!

I’ve subsequently replaced the head with the other one, which better fits his age I think. It is probably my favourite and I used it for this meme I published a few weeks ago.

Hopefully, you have found this informative. Check out the other custom minifigures on my Minifigures page.

I will now continue to look at some of the awesome new 2020 LEGO Harry Potter sets. Keep an eye on the Reviews page in the next few days!

Till then, Build the Magic.

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