Marvolo’s ring

Once I bought a bulk lot of Harry Potter LEGO only to realise that one of the minifigures was in pretty bad shape. Whether forgot in the oven or accidentally misplaced in the fireplace, I don’t know, but he looked rather burned. I was about to throw him in the bin when I remembered Dumbledore burnt his hand severely from Marvolo’s ring. So instead I built a small MOC to tell the story.

Burned Dumbledore from a bulk lot of LEGO. Don’t try this at home!

Dumbledore was investigating Riddle’s obsession with immortality and horcruxes.

Dumbledore suspected that a good place to look for one of his horcruxes would be Marvolo Gaunt’s shack, which he found hidden amongst many weeds and brush.

Marvolo Gaunt, grandfather of Tom Riddle/Voldemort, was descendant of Salazar Slytherin and Cadmus Peverell. A heirloom of the house of Gaunt was a signet ring, Tom Riddle stole from Marvolos son Morfin. Tom hid it under the floorboards in the shack after he turned it into a horcrux (the second after his childhood diary). He protected it with a deadly curse, not knowing the ring’s black stone was actually the resurrection stone, one of the Deadly Hallows.

Ouch! The ring was cursed…

However, when Dumbledore found it he recognised it as the Resurrection Stone, something for which Dumbledore had searched for the greater part of his life. From the excitement of his discovery, and in hope to revive his dead family members. (particularly his sister Ariana Dumbledore), he put it on without checking it for curses. This enacted the ring’s deadly curse burning his hand severely.

The back of Marvolo Gaunt’s shack

After Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts, he used Godric Gryffindor’s Sword to destroy it as a Horcrux and crack free the resurrection stone.

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