MOC competition – Win a full set of LEGO Harry Potter CMF series 2

It is time for Blockwarts’ first ever MOC (My Own Creation) competition, giving you all a chance to be creative. All you have to do is to build a small LEGO model (vignette) using 8×8 studs as base and which includes at least one minifigure from the Harry Potter universe. The winner will get a full set of 16 LEGO Harry Potter Collectable Minifigures Series 2. Here are the details…

As flagged a few days ago, in this post, it is competition time!


Go ahead and build the best 8×8 vignette you can, including at least one minifigure, representing a scene (from the books, movies or your own imagination) from the Harry Potter universe.

In a novel, theatrical script, screenplay, sketch stories, and poetry, a vignette is a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or character and gives a trenchant impression about that character, an idea, setting, and/or object.


Specifically, the vignette must:

  • Have a base that is 8 x 8 studs in size.
  • Contain at least one minifigure (for example one of the new CMF series 2 figures, but any figure representing a character from the Harry Potter universe is accepted)
  • Use original LEGO pieces (though builds made digitally using LEGO Digital Designer or are perfectly fine).
  • Be your own original work. Anyone submitting original work made by others will be disqualified.

You may submit more than one vignette.

An example of of a 8×8 vignette is shown below. It is one I did a while back representing Dumbledore in Marvolo’s hut (with a very damaged Dumbledore minifigure from a bulk lot of LEGO I bought – see the post for the story behind).

Ouch, that burned – the ring was cursed!

For further terms and conditions, see the fine print.

The prize

The first (and only) prize for the best entry is a full set of 16 LEGO Harry Potter Collectable Minifigures (CMF) Series 2, as flagged in my previous post. This is from a box I was sent to review by the LEGO Group. As I don’t need a full box to review the figures, I thought I would pass on some (more competitions will follow). Note that all packages have been opened to verify content before repacked (as shown below).

The winning entry is selected by a judging panel of three:

  • Myself, editor of Blockwarts
  • Cade Franklin, winner of LEGO Masters Australia (together with Henry Pinto), season 1
  • Richard Jones, editor of the Rambling Brick.

We will look at creativity (the idea), technique (how well executed) and story telling (does to capture an interesting moment).

We aim to announce the winner within a week after the due date for entries (i.e. you should hear back no later than 22 November).

Submitting your entry

Please submit your entry no later than 15 November 2020 using the following form. This allows you to upload a photo of your MOC. Note that while you can submit multiple vignettes, only one photo can be uploaded for each, so pick your best one.

Using the form does help me keeping everything organised. If the form does cause issues (it does require a Google account to upload your photo), use the “Contact” form to get in touch and we can arrange an alternative.

I’m very much looking forward to see the entries!

Go ahead – Build the Magic!

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