CMF series 2 box composition – and a future competition!

The day after I left for my overseas trip, a box of LEGO Harry Potter Collectable Minifigures (CMF) series 2 arrived. Finally back, I eagerly checked what was in my box, as the reported composition had varied significantly. In this post, I shed some light on it – and flag that a full set of Harry Potter CMF series 2 minifigures is soon up for grabs in Blockwarts’ first ever competition…

Back home again after a long overseas trip followed by a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a hotel.

Ironically, a full box of CMF series 2 figures had been delivered to my home the day after I went overseas. While away, I have really been looking forward to have a look at the new figures, which greatly supplement the ones in the CMF series 1 and recent waves of LEGO Harry Potter sets.

Reading reviews, I had been following the composition of minifigures reported to be in the CMF series 2 box of 60 blind bags. Most, but not all, seemed to follow the list below, which gives you three full sets.

4  Harry Potter
 Albus Dumbledore 
4  Hermione Granger
 Ron Weasley 
4  Luna Lovegood 
3  Lily Potter 
3  James Potter 
 Ginny Weasley 
 Fred Weasley (suitcase)
 George Weasley (map)
 Bellatrix Lestrange 
3  Kingsley Shacklebolt 
5  Moaning Myrtle 
4  Professor Sprout
4  Neville Londbottom

Now finally reunited with my sealed box of 60 Harry Potter CMF series 2 figures, I found a pair of scissors last night and started checking what I had got. Observation 1: it takes a long time unpacking 60 blind bags!

My box mostly followed the standard composition, but had only two of George Weasley (the twin figure with the map for those who can’t tell), but I had four of James Potter. Observation 2: So only two full sets for me. It made me wonder, how uncommon is this?

So what’s in a box – statistically?

Looking at statistics from 25 reported compositions of CMF series 2 box content (excluding from any comments to posts about composition, which tends to be biased towards reporting differences from the standard), I’ve found that 14 boxes (56%) had the standard composition (and thus 44% differed from this). If more interested in full sets, I found out that:

  • 17 (68%) of the boxes could make three full sets.
  • Five (20%) of the boxes could make two full sets.
  • One (4%) of the boxes could make one full set.
  • Two (8%) of the boxes could not make a full set at all.

So while there seemed to be a “standard”, the degree of variation around this is significant, for example one box reportedly had none of Ron Weasley, but double up (eight) of Hermione. This seemed far beyond the variations seen in previous CMF series.

Raising this with LEGO, they responded to Blockwarts that they are aware of a larger than usual variance in the composition of a box. This is not intended and they are working to improve the consistency of which figures are in a box in line with what we have seen in previous CMF series.

Reviewing the minifigures

I should note that LEGO’s community engagement team has provided the box to Blockwarts for review. I should stress, that while LEGO has provided the box free of charge, the views expressed here and in any following review posts will be my own.

I’ve previously reviewed the figures based on the official figures posted by LEGO like this one

I’ve previously discussed the figures in quite some detail, but I will go through the various figures again, probably with a vignette for each figure (or a group of them) to tell as story. My LEGO room is under renovation, so it is all packed up for another month, so be patient till I get access to my bricks (and some space to build) again.

Competition time!

Observation 3: I don’t really need multiple sets to do a review – I only need one. As I had a George Weasley figure, I actually now have two full extra sets. And I have decided that I want to give those sets back to the Blockwarts community. The first one will be given away as prize for an upcoming MOC buiding competition. So stay tuned while I finalise terms and conditions, and expect a post with the details in the next couple of days! (NOTE: the competition is now live)

Till then, Build the Magic!

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