Updated list of LEGO Harry Potter sets expected to retire soon

The German based LEGO blog Stonewars has updated its list of LEGO sets expected to retire in the next six to nine month and this is good news for Harry Potter fans. Three popular sets otherwise expected to retire by the end of the year, have been given six month more before retiring. Here are the details…

I wrote about the likely retiring sets a few months back, but Stonewars has now provided an update, which luckily delays the expected retirement date for three popular LEGO Harry Potter sets from end of this year to July 2021. These sets are:

In particular, it is good to see the Great Hall on the list as it is a key set for those wanting to build a Hogwarts from the annual “modular” Hogwarts castle sets released since 2018. Hogwarts wouldn’t look like itself without the Great Hall and Central tower. The longer availability of the Whomping Willow set will for similar reasons be appreciated by many, though it is easier to build an impressive Hogwarts without this set too.

While it is good news, it still leaves four LEGO Harry Potter sets likely to retire by the end of the year. These are:

The colourful 2018 set Quidditch Match is one of the four sets expected to retire from December 2020.

If you are still missing any of these, it might be a good idea to add them to your Christmas wish list as when they sell out you have to rely on the second hand market to source them. And there they may be hard to find for a price you are willing to pay. If you are going shopping for them, please consider using our affiliate links to help support Blockwarts. The cost for you is the same, but we get a small percentage in commission.

I should emphasise that Stonewars makes it clear that there is no official list from LEGO, but they have compiled their list based on multiple sources and note that on occasions they contradict each other. So this is their best estimate, but they do have a very good track record in getting things right.

Also, it should be noted that ultimately all LEGO sets retire at some point to make room for new sets to be released. I’m hoping for a just as impressive line-up of Harry Potter releases in 2021 as we have had in 2020. Time will tell…

Till then, Build the Magic!

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