Retiring soon – which LEGO Harry Potter sets may soon be hard to get?

The German based LEGO blog Stonewars has compiled a list of all LEGO sets expected to retire in the next six month or so and it includes some Harry Potter sets. Once retired, they will be harder and harder to find and ultimately have to be sourced second hand. So what sets are considered at risk?

What sets are retiring?

Firstly, Stonewars makes it clear that there is no official list from LEGO, but they have compiled their list based on multiple sources and note that on occasions they contradict each other. So this is their best estimate.

It should also be noted that LEGO is not retiring sets because they didn’t sell well – but simply due to the fact that stores have limited ability to carry stock and to make room for new releases, sets are generally retired after a couple of years and rarely much longer. With that in mind, it is not surprising to see some of the 2018 series of sets on the list. But four of last year’s sets are also on the list.

Here is the list:

So what does it mean?

Basically, once a set is retired, new stock will not be produced. As long as stock lasts, it can still be sourced from LEGO. To clear stock at LEGO’s own warehouses, such sets may go on sale for example on Black Friday or Boxing Day.

Retail stores may have them longer – though many only carry the latest sets and may not have had the retiring sets for a while.

Then what? It has been said that LEGO is as good as gold to keep or increase in value. The problem is that it is not the case for all sets. The Harry Potter sets have been hugely popular and produced in big numbers. As kids grow up, many may hit the secondary market. But I would in particular expect the Great Hall set to gain in value once retired.

So should I run to the shops? Noting the uncertainty in producing the list, some of these sets could be around for longer. But all LEGO sets retire at some point, and all 2018 sets should as such be seen as at risk for retiring.

So if you are missing a few for your collection, just in case it may be worth adding them to you Christmas wish list along with some of the new 2020 sets.

NOTE: An updated list has been published here.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall - 75954 | BIG W

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