REVIEW – Advent calendar 21 December

We are down with just a few more lids left to open. Yesterday left us in suspense giving us “half a model”. With great curiousity I opened the lid to see what the completed model would look like. Compared to the actual, it looks awesome, as you will see…

21 December model review

As I had expected, we got a statue for the stand we built yesterday. And it’s giving us a lot of cool minifigure parts in pearl gold.


Completed, the statue looks great.

The statue is of the Hogwarts architect? I can’t find any name but he designed Hogwarts along with one of the founders, Rowena Ravenclaw, who devised the ever-changing floorplan.

There is a golden statue of him at Hogwarts Entrance Hall. A model of the statue can be seen at the Harry Potter Studio Tours in London (below).

At the base of the statue the four house mascots can be seen and the architect itself is holding a model of Hogwarts in one hand, and charts in the other.

The model we got is a very nice representation of this statue, complete with holding both building plans and a model of the castle. The tiles we got yesterday is used instead of actual house mascots at the base, but I can’t see how they could have made those otherwise.


The statue looks great along with the other models we’ve got so far.


We some really cool parts for building statues in general, and being something refreshingly different, I’ll award this five out of five House points.

Only three more models to go. Can they keep up the quality? The finish has been strong so far, so I’m really looking forward to see them. Check in on the review page again tomorrow to see what we got.

Till then, Build the Magic!